English Motherf*cker! Do you speak it??? (I am a little view counter)

English is the international language. It kinda sucks but it helps in some ways. One of them is in blogs. Assuming the blog is non-English, a completely English post will help it get views because it will be easier to find via Google or any kind of English based search engine, like there are others - at least popular. Via common sense I am solemnly writing this post to boost my views like a good blogger (yep, I am a little views slut at the moment). I also do it to show my fluency in English as owner of the ECPE degree (ok, I am also a bit of an attention whore right now). So this is an English post written completely in English. Did I mention English are from England? Oh yeah, it is. It is also the official US language. Ok, that's all for this English post. It may end now. This was a completely English post written in plain English.